Controlling The Water Temperature

To set your water temperature, press the up (+) or down (-) buttons to set your temperature to the desired setting. Please note that the temperature setting will display for 5 seconds after the up or down buttons have been pressed. After that, the temperature display will go back to showing the present water temperature (eg. the current water temperature, not temperature setting).

In order to set the temperature to 106 you will need to enable the special temperature mode. In order to do this, adjust the temperature to 104. Then, hold down the “JETS” button and the temperature up button until you see 105 displayed. Following that let go of the buttons and hold them down again until you see “SP1” and them 106 displayed. At that point you can release the temperature up and JETS buttons.

Water Treatment

You’ll want to test your water chemistry using the provided test strips twice a week. Do this by dipping a test strip (square pads down) and swirly it 3 times, then compare the squares on the strip to those on the side of the bottle.

If the pH is high, add pH Down. If it is low, add pH Up. Do this gradually by adding a tablespoon at a time until the proper pH level is reached.

If the chlorine reading is too low, start by adding 1 tablespoon of chlorine. Do this gradually until the proper chlorine level is reached. If the reading is too high, then take the cover off of the hot tub and let chlorine dissipate for about an hour and re-test.

Air Control Valve (Air Bubbles)

The air control valve is located at the center of the control panel and controls the air bubbles. To open the air control, turn the knob counter-clockwise a quarter-turn. To close the air control, turn the knob clockwise.

Please note that the air control value is introducing air from the outside into your hot tub so remember to turn off the air control valve when the hot tub is not in use so that it does not slow down the heating of your tub.


Our hot tubs come with a multi-colored LED light that includes the following 10 different lighting effects: Color Wheel, White, Cyan, Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Color Flash, Slow Color Wheel.

To cycle through the different colors simply press the light button and toggle it off then back on and it will advance the light to the next color mode.

Cedar Surround Deck & Step

If you have rented a cedar surround deck and step then feel free to place your drinks and food items on the decking.

Feel free to use the step to assist in entering and exiting the hot tub but please note that the decks are not meant to be for sitting or standing.


There is a “P” displayed on the temperature display.

A “P” will be displayed when the pump is not on. This indicates that the water near the temperature sensors need purged to get an accurate reading. Simply press the “JETS” button to turn the pump back on.

There is a “P” displayed on the temperature display. I pressed the “JETS” button but the pump isn’t turning back on.

Unplug the unit for 2 hours to reset the controls. After 2 hours have passed, plug the unit back in and try again. If this does not fix the issue then give us a call.

My Hydromate (pump/motor) has turned off completely and nothing is working.

Our hot tubs come with an integrated GFCI attached to the power cord allowing it to turn off when there is a power surge or low voltage issues. If the light on the power cord is off, then that means there was a voltage issue of some sort that has tripped the GFCI.

Unplug the hot tub and and press the “reset” button on the power cord and plug the cord back into the outlet. If that doesn’t work, try plugging the cord into a different outlet.

My hot tub is leaking water

It is not uncommon for light amounts of water to be observed where the Hydromate connects to the hot tub. However, if there appears to be a large continuous amount of water leaking from the unit then give us a call.